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Easy Steps For Instantly Becoming An Achievement Magnet CD #1

James: Number four. You have to follow what’s called the ultimate decision making formula.

John: I want to hear what that is.

James: Again, I learned this from one of my mentors and a close friend, Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and he learned it from one of his mentors, W. Clement Stone who when he passed away was worth about six hundred million dollars. That’s a lot. I think you can pay the mortgage with that.

John: I want to get his ideas, not the hundred thousand dollar ideas.

James: There was a simple formula and it’s called E R=O. “E” stands for an event and events happen all the time. The majority of the time we don’t have control over the events that occur.

Lets say we work for a company and we’re going to go outside one day and have a team building session outside, but we wake up and it is raining. Well the event is that it is raining. We can’t control the rain.

Or lets say and this really happened to me. I was driving to conduct a talk one time on a freeway in Orlando, Florida and the guy in the lane alongside me cut me off and I hit the brakes. I spun around 2 to 2 times and did a fish tail and then I spun around and ended up on the side of the road facing the other direction. The event was the guy cutting me off. I have no control over this guy deciding to just cut over in my lane.

John: Sure.

James: The only thing I could control is the “R” which is the response or the reaction to the event. Lets take that first example. We’re going to go outside and have a team building event, but we wake up and its raining. Well we can’t control the event, the rain. The only thing we can control is the “R” how we respond or react.

John: Okay

James: One reaction could be “Gosh it always rains on my parade and because I am a part of this group it rained and I am a loser.”

Or you could say, “Its raining outside. There is nothing we can do about it. Do you know what we can do? We can have a great team building event inside and make the best of what we have and play the hand we are dealt.”

That is going to determine the “O”

John: Which is?

James: The outcome. It is how you respond to the event that determines the outcome.

So lets take that second scenario. I’m driving on the freeway. The guy cuts me off. My car spins around two to two and a half times. I fish tail I end up on the side of the road. I’m on the side of the road facing the wrong way. That’s the event. I can’t control the event, the guy cutting me off.

Lets take 2 scenarios here. The first reaction is I turn my car around. I downshift, cut back on the road and go flying up, cutting in and out of traffic. I pull up beside the guy and start blowing my horn. Urr, urr, urr. I say, “Hey man roll your window down.”

He rolls his window down and I say, “Hey man. You cut me off back there. Pull over. I want to fight you on the side of the road.”

What is the outcome? I am in a negative state of mind. Maybe I get harmed or killed, maybe he does too. Maybe we get hit by cars. It is just a whole negative situation. Then I show up to the talk. I am in a negative state of mind. The audience can tell and that negativity comes out and influences everybody in a negative manner.

Now lets take the second scenario, which I actually did. I am on the side of the road facing the wrong way. The guy cut me off, that is the event. I can’t help him cutting me off.

I turn my car around on the side of the road. I put it in park. I unbuckled my seatbelt and took a deep breath and said, “Thank God it was not worse. Thank God no one hit me when I was spinning around. Thank God I had this seatbelt on and I was not flying around in the car. Thank God I did not go off that drop off,” which was about a 10 to 12 foot drop off. This car could’ve exploded. I could’ve been killed. “Boy I really feel blessed.”

Then what happened is I buckled up, got back on the road, drove up, appeared at the talk, did the talk. I was in another state of mind. I was very blessed and thankful for what I had and that radiated out and hopefully touched and inspired everyone sitting there. Therefore the outcome was great.

The event did not change. The events won’t change for you. It is how you respond that will determine your “O” which is the outcome. Got it?

John: Got it. That is powerful stuff.

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