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Tired of creating your invoices in Microsoft Excel or Word? Looking for an easier way to invoice? Why not investigate an online tool or system that is going to help you to make and send quotes and invoices? So let’s get your business billing out of the dark ages and shed some modern light on it!

Most small company owners and freelancers are familiar with manually creating invoices, but many of us are all too aware of the pitfalls of manual billing:

– Time consuming: Manual invoicing can be time consuming work and many times results in hours of repetitive alterations to templates in Excel or Word.

– Human mistakes: Altering information manually leaves your billing susceptible to human mistakes. E.g. Mistakes in your invoice or quote number sequence can result in duplicate or skipped invoice numbers – an accounting nightmare!

– Sending your invoices to clients: Sending each invoice or quotation manually can take hours and results in invoices often not arriving at their desired recipients or emails being sent with a wrong invoice attached or worse still, without attachments.

– Manual sending: Invoices generated in Excel or Word need to be manually sent to your client either via email or postal mail. Sending via email mostly means storing the quote or invoice a PDF and manually attaching each quote or invoice individually to an email and manually sending it off to your customer. This can result in wrong email recipients and attachments or clients not receiving invoices as the attachment size results in emails to be delivered to the clients spam box.

– Data storage: Making invoices and quotations this way normally means that you store your invoice and quotation archive on one computer at your workplace. You therefore cannot access customer billing records when you are not at that computer. If your work requires you to be on the move then this will always reduce your productivity and ability to provide efficient customer support with relation to billing enquiries.

– Manual invoicing wastes time: It can really take hours to invoice your whole client database every month, especially if you run a business that requires customers to be billed on a recurring or subscription schedule.

This kind of thing may cause you to ask why anyone would still be using these old fashioned methods to invoice to their customers. You will therefore be surprised to hear that a big portion of freelancers and small business owners still use these outdated business billing principles to their invoicing today. Little do they know that easy, secure, backed-up modern invoicing is only a few clicks away. And that this way of invoicing won’t break the bank.

The answer: An online billing service

Locating a tool that’s going to assist you make quotations and invoices online is easy. There are many out there and it is easy to find a quality solution that will not cost you an arm or a leg.

Benefits of online billing:

– Online billing means saved time and money in your bank account. By utilizing a web-based billing system as opposed to using manual means you can save a minimum of 10 hours a week on your normal business billing.

– Built in preventative measures mean that online billing software won’t allow you to duplicate or skip an invoice number. Personnel actions can be tracked and any human mistakes corrected or eliminated. Great news if your new assistant has ever accidentally deleted your entire database of saved billing information.

– Automation is online billing’s solution to duplication. The majority of tasks can be automated by an online invoicing system. This means you create standardized templates and invoice line items once and never have to re-enter them again. The software will do it all for you.

– Web-based billing removes the need for you to manually send invoices to clients via email. A quality service will allow you to setup invoice times and then does all the work for you. Making the invoice, converting it to PDF and then sending an HTML invoice with PDF attachment to your customer.

– So the problem with old fashioned billing methods was that you could only access your data from 1 point eg. Your office pc. Not anymore! Online invoicing means your data is saved on the web, so you can access it from any web-enabled device. So you can send invoices from your phone on the golf course or process a payment from your laptop on the train.

– Good online billing systems run real-time backups of your data and have tough safety procedures in place meaning your data is always secure. Never again will you lose any client data due to a stolen computer or crashed PC.

Let’s get your company into the 21st century and stop you doing all your quotations and invoices by hand. We suggest you get on the web and start searching for an online billing solution straight away.

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