Things To Consider Whenever Wanting To Acquire A Self-Defense Device

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The moment I decided to acquire myself a stun device for personal protection, the first advice I acquired was to pick out one that simply had a gentle stunning effect. This puzzled me.

I understood stun devices were non-lethal so there was no risk of ending a life or inducing permanent injury. And logic said to me the stronger the weapon, the less it took to be able to finish the task.

However Mr. Vance is not just a dealer of personal protection weapons. He specially enjoys to aid first-time buyers by teaching them. From him, I learned that pain is the most immediate effect soon after being zapped, which some people can bear. However, the electrical shock which courses through the body immediately after contact is what throws enemies off.

He stressed that personal protection devices weren’t for fighting the bad guys but incapacitating them so that you could get away. Used properly, even a low voltage stun weapon applied for 2 to 3 seconds at vulnerable body parts would stop your own opponent, Mr. Vance mentioned.

Even though it was not a girly-looking unit, he explained a 100,000 volts Stun Master straight stun gun was suitable for novices. This was around the size of a shaver, with 2 very visible prongs. And its strength would simply provide a mild stunning effect.

By doing this, I wouldn’t be as fearful as soon as I made use of it considering that the sizzle and zap would not be as strong as from those with a million volts or maybe more. But I had to aim for any of the neck, shoulder, stomach or groin of my attacker for this to function appropriately. In case I could prolong contact, then so much the better.

The next thing Mr. Vance said to me was to practice, at least, in handling the stun device, letting my very own finger become accustomed to the switch and how to keep my wits about me whenever faced with danger. Do not forget that you have a means of defense, he said.

That is Mr. Vance. He is convinced a stun gun for protection is only as good as its wielder.

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